PHAT™ Axle w/ Stainless Steel Steering Links & Universals Silver+

Ready-To-Go, bolt-on package with no modifications needed. Most affordable way to get this steering and all these other options in one.

Get over 45 degree steering with our PHAT Axles. They use shorter XR10 shafts.
They are 25.5mm longer than SCX10 stock axles.

Total width drive shaft pin hole to pin hole: 207mm

They are 23mm longer than stock total length.

4mm 303 Stainless Steel Upper and Lower Steering Links
Aluminum Ball Ends (4pcs)
303 Stainless Steel Universal Shafts over 45 degrees steering
XRMOD PHAT Axle Housing


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You will need:
Stock Wraith Knuckles and C-Hubs
Stock Bevel Gears & Input Shaft