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Tamiya Toyota Tundra Highlift – 4×4-3SPD Assembly Kit

In February 2007, after a full model change, Toyota released a full-sized American pick-up truck. It was the first time in Toyota’s history that an “All American Made” pick-up truck was sold. With the rising crude oil prices and the increasing demand for economical Japanese cars, the sales of the Tundra in the Pick-Up truck market was quite strong. This model precisely shows off the Tundra’s modern looks and its great ability to take on any terrain with its excellent drive system. Tamiya’s truck model of the Tundra comes as an accurately reproduced Double Cab version. Furthermore, this model Tundra comes with option parts allowing the user to raise the body in the same manner as the actual pick-up truck.


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Wheelbase 12 1/4″

Chassis Length 17 1/4″

Body Length 18 1/4″ (Bumper to Bumper)

Distance from top of tire to top of wheel well 1 1/2″

Snowboards 6 1/4″ x 1 1/4 (Included)