Pro-Line Sling Shot 2.2″ Sand Tires Mounted 12mm Hex*

Tire Features:
*Ready to Sling Sand and Snow
*Scale 12-Paddle tread design for Awesome Looks and Performance
*Tires also available unmounted

Wheel Features:
*Lightweight 1-piece wheel
*Wide offset wheel that improves stability and performance
*Awesome scale look

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Sling Shot 2.2″ Sand Tires Mounted
for 1:16 E-REVO, 1:16 SUMMIT and Savage XS Flux Front & Rear, Mounted on Desperado Black Wheels

This is a pair of pre-mounted Sling Shot 2.2” Paddle Tires. The newest form of fun is here with the release of the Sling Shot 2.2″ paddle tire mounted to Desperado wheels for mini E-REVO® trucks! The Sling Shot provides hours of fun in the sand, snow or even in the occasional mud pit. The 12 paddle design ensures maximum performance due to the true scoop design coupled with low roll outer sidewalls. The Sling Shot comes complete with foam inserts and big Pro-Line fun!

Pro-Line makes using high performance, long lasting fun tires easier than ever by offering the Sling Shot tires mounted to the Desperado wheels! The wheel features a wider offset, just like Pro-Line’s immensely popular Bead-Loc Wheels, that will make your truck more stable and handle bumps and jumps like a champion. Pro-Line’s 6-spoke Desperado wheel will make your truck the toughest looking one on the block. The wheel is a one-piece wheel made out of extremely durable nylon material and features a molded in bead-loc ring for an awesome scale look. This is a 12mm hex wheel and it will make your truck stand out from the rest!