MST RMX 2.5 Classic 1/10 Scale RC RWD High Performance Drift Kit

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SPECIFICATION : 1/10 Drift Car


WHEELBASE : 257mm(adjustable +-3mm)

HEX TO HEX WIDTH : F178mm / R171mm

CASTER : Adjustable 6/ 8/ 10/ 12 degrees

CAMBER : Adjustable 0 to -12 degrees




New MST model – 532205 RMX 2.5 S

Equipped with new-designed rear spur-gear-driving gearbox is switchable for RMX and RRX drive mode.

With the new HT short rear lower arm and the updated settings of MST DRIFT performance, players can enjoy its stability control and great acceleration after the finish of assembly followed by the instructions.

The new RMX 2.5 S product will be easier to get started at a price coupled with better performance. Let players at all levels have a better RC drift experience.

‧ Newly designed rear spur-gear-driving the gearbox is able to switch the drive mode for RMX and RRX.

‧ Two install methods of motor mount – upper or lower gravity deployment.

‧ Two install methods of servo – vertical or lateral deployment.

‧ Plastic high rigidity constructions.

‧ New designed front, great steering suspension system.

‧ 6 degrees KPI steering upright, and – 0.5 towing distance axle design.

‧ New designed inside rods fulcrum mount at the front upper arm is adjustable for for 10-step highness and both sides positions.

‧ NEW HT Short rear lower arm operability enhanced.

‧ The fulcrum at the rear suspension upper rod is 5-step adjustable on both sides. The outer fulcrum is

4-step adjustable on both sides.

‧ Steel CVD axle of rear transmission system.

‧ Suitable for long and short battery.

‧ Full great smooth metal ball connectors.

‧ Standard realistic caliper and disc shape brake set.

‧ Standard ball differential.

‧ Full turnbuckles.

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