KYOSHO – Quattro X Mini Quad 6-Axis Gyro (RED)

Quad Copter “Quattro X” the world’s smallest class quad copter from Kyosho!

Feeling of flight was not available until now! Ultra-stable flight with 6-axis gyro mounted to the world’s smallest class quad copter! Ideal for beginners with a removable stylish rotor guard! Fast flip air rotation using just one button! Quattro X can perform dancing on air acrobatics! Simultaneously fly up to 10 units, so you can compete acrobatic flight with your friends and family! ! Ideal practice to step up to the hobby grade level copters, enjoy freedom, even outdoors or indoors! Let’s play! Spare rotors are also included!

Quad Copter Quattro X! Fast flips at the touch of a button on the transmitter!

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