HX-705 – Hexfly Fast Charger up to 5A 40W (NiMH/ NiCd)*

Hexfly HX-705 Fast Charger up to 5A

The Hexfly HX-705 is our fastest Nimh/Nicd charger.  Maximum charge current is 5A which is almost 10 times faster than Redcats RTR Nimh chargers that are included with brushed vehicles.

User can adjust charge current from 1.5A to 5A and includes built in power supply and adapters from Tamiya to Banana 4.0 plugs for easy charging on batteries with both types of plugs.


AC Input – 100~240V
DC Input – 11~18V
Battery Support – Nimh & Nicd
Protection – Voltage Peak Protection
Charge Current – 1.5A, 3A, 5A Switchable
Ports – Two output Ports, Tamiya and Futaba-J Port (includes Banana adapter)
Charge Power – Maximum 40 Watts


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