Arctic Aluminium Fan Adaptor for30mm fan (Blue)+

The Arctic Aluminum Fan Adaptor designed to hold a 30mm cooling fan on the ESC to replace the factory fitted 25mm cooling fan. Aluminum made Arctic Fan Adaptor is a part of heat sink and light in weight. Easy installation with 4 screws to secure on the the ESC and 2 screws to secure the 30mm cooling fan. With the Arctic Fan Adaptor, a 30mm cooling fan can be installed to keep the temperature of the ESC effectively cool.

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For: ESC (Convert 25mm Fan to 30mm Fan)
Material: Aluminum
Color: Blue


Arctic Aluminum Fan Adaptor (1 Pc)
M2.5 X 8MM Screw (4 Pcs)
M3 X 8MM Screw (4 Pcs)
M3 X 11.5MM Screw (4 Pcs)