Aluminum D4 Steering & Suspension Upgrade Kit For 3Racing Sakura D4 AWD RWD Pink

Yeah Racing’s upgrade package for 3Racing’s Sakura D4! Features highly adjustable suspension and steering upgrade parts. A large setup window is required in modern day drift cars for different tires and driving styles, the steering knuckles features adjustable KPI, Offset and Ackermann with the many available holes found on the knuckle! With the original angles available combined with ackermann setup or parallel setup possible!

The front and rear suspension arms feature a stepped trackwidth adjustment which allows you to fine tune the steering responsiveness and the adjust according to the grip levels presented to you! Whilst the upper front link features caster adjustment through a simple hole change for large changes and a minor step adjustment for small caster changes! Precision CNC cut Aluminum will provide the perfect balance between strength and weight!

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