3 Racing Sakura D4 1/10 Scale Drifting Car AWD or RWD

3Racing Sakura D4 1/10 Drift Car
All Wheel Drive
Rear Wheel Drive

*Electronics Sold Separately*




Featuring two battery locations, one infront of the motor and one on the rear diffuser to allow users to tune the weight distribution based on user’s liking. Combining ideas and feedback from D3 users, the D4 was redesigned from the ground up and features new parts.

  • Weight Distribution: Allows the battery to be mounted on the rear diffuser or infront of the motor.
  • Steering:
    RWD: A redesigned steering rack which allows the massive steering angles required for RWD drifting.
    AWD: A redesigned steering rack which allows a larger steering angle when compared with the previous version.
  • Drivetrain:
    RWD: Utilizing a belt drive system, connecting to a rear spool follows the trends of new drift cars.
    AWD: Utilizing a belt drive system, which allows for quiet and efficent drivetrain. Features a rear spool and a front gear diff.
  • Suspension: Suspension components have been completely redesigned to accommodate the large steering angle of this drift car. Features Y arm suspension on the front which is seen almost all high end cars, will prevent the wheels from hitting the a-arm.
  • Oil Filled Coil Spring Shocks: Lengthen 55mm coiled spring oil filled shocks with threaded shock bodies allows a more progressive chassis roll action and easy tuning
  • Molded Rear Diffuser: For an added touch of realism, a molded composite rear diffuser comes standard to give the Sakura D4 the extra attention to detail
  • FRP Chasis : The Sakura D4 will be outfitted with a FRP lower plate chassis designed with rigidity in mind to ensure efficient side to side weight transfer to easily initiate high speed drifting.