1/14 Scale Huina 9Ch RC Grapple Dump Truck


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  • Independent control: The mechanical arm joints and the mechanical arm joints of the wood grabber can be independently controlled to complete fine and simulated operations.
  • All-round control: The grab arm can rotate at 680°, and the grab arm can rotate 680° left and right. When rotating, the grab arm and the grab head can be operated at the same time to experience the real fun in all directions.
  • Full-scale remote control, full-simulation lighting and sound effects: The remote-controlled car adopts full-scale remote control, and the body movement is adjusted according to the operating range of the joystick; the body’s light and sound effects also imitate the real car to react.
  • Powerful alloy gripper: easy and efficient operation, the remote control car adopts alloy gripper, strong grip, wear-resistant, and the harsh working environment is also easily competent.
  • Functions: full-scale control, forward/backward/left/right turn, front wheel remote control fine-tuning, realistic sound and light, remote control body rise and fall, grab arm remote control rotation and independent remote control rise and fall of the large and small arms, remote control grab and release with the hand.