1/10 1/14 RC Crawler Accessory Moving Box

This is Yeah Racing 1/10 1/14 RC Crawler Accessory Moving Box. It is 100% made of paper. This paper moving box imitates the realistic look of a full size carton box and it is fun to assemble it together. It is absolutely stunning with every detail, making it a great addition to any RC Crawler or Scaler. This set comes with 8 pieces of paper moving boxes with Yeah Racing Logo and 4 pieces of plain paper moving boxes. It requires you to tape the boxes together to form 57x47x37mm moving boxes. Please note it requires to use tape or glue to assemble it and it is not included.

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  • For: 1/10 1/14 RC Crawler
  • Material: Paper
  • Color: Paper Brown



  • Dimension: 57x47x37mm



  • Moving Box with Yeah Racing Logo (8 pcs)
  • Moving Box plain (4 pcs)