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Gmade Sawback 4LS 4-Link 1/10 Rock Crawler Kit
Gmade Sawback 4LS 4-Link 1/10 Rock Crawler KitGmade Sawback 4LS 4-Link 1/10 Rock Crawler KitGmade Sawback 4LS 4-Link 1/10 Rock Crawler Kit124232221201918171615141312111098765432

Gmade Sawback 4LS 4-Link 1/10 Rock Crawler Kit


The Gmade Sawback 4LS combines 4-link suspension, 1.9″ tires and wheels, and 93mm XD Aeration shocks to deliver a dramatic performance upgrade. By getting rid of the leaf springs and small 1.5″ tires that are found on the standard Sawback, the 4LS offers reduced torque twist, increased suspension articulation and improved ground clearance. Additionally, the Sawback 4LS body has been finished off with a tube front bumper, grille, roll bar and detailed interior components to elevate the appearance of this awesome scale rig.

Gmade NR01 beadlock wheels are combined with MT 1903 super soft compound 1.9″ tires to keep the rig rolling. An adjustable battery tray allows you to fit a variety of different battery types, and the highly detailed, dust proof receiver box will keep your electronics safe and concealed when the going gets rough. Combine this with aluminum steering rods, solid spool type 32 tooth front and rear locked differentials, metal gear covers and one piece graphite axle housings, and you have a recipe for unmatched scale adventure. Add your electronics to this incredible package and you are ready for the rocks!

NOTE: Painted body shown in photos is for illustrative purposes only. Included body requires assembly, is clear.

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Product Description

Sawback 4LS GS01 Features:

93mm XD Aeration Aluminum Oil Shocks
MT-1903 1.9 Tires & NR01 Beadlock Wheels with Center Hubs
Full Time 4WD
One Piece Graphite Axle Housings & Metal Gear Covers
Solid Spool Locked Differentials
Dust Proof Transmission
Metal Motor Mount
Full Bearings
Universal Driveshafts
Sawback Body with Included Scale Accessories

Width: 234mm
Height: 255mm
Length: 463mm
Wheelbase: 287mm
Ground Clearance: 68mm
Weight: 1.7kg

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